How To Convert Your ERC20 GOGO Tokens To Binance Smart Chain

Hello GOGO Power Rangers!

It feels so good and refreshing to write again but first on behalf of the team and the CEO in charge of this project, We say a big Thank You for your patience, support and for always being there for the project. Building a successful project and platform like this requires joint efforts between the team and the community and we must say you have been amazing so far! Thank you once again.

Following the recent progress and milestones achieved in the project so far, As we prepare to launch the full platform and complete the migration to Binance Smart Chain Network, this article will be providing a step by step guide on how to convert your ERC20 tokens to BSC so you can enjoy the features available on the new platform.

First, ensure you have addedd Binance Smart Chain Network to your metamask wallet. If you have not done so, please quickly do that by following this tutorial available on the official Binance Academy site — here and then you can come back to this article here to proceed.

Please note we are currently speaking with exchanges however in the mean time, this tutorial covers wallet holders hence you might want to withdraw to your wallets to migrate pending when the exchanges are fully migrated too.

Please Follow The Steps Below:

Pre-requisite: Make sure your tokens are in your meta-mask wallets and also make sure you have added Binance Smart Chain Network to your wallet too.

Now lets get to work!


For the conversion of your ERC20 GOGO Tokens to Binance Smart Chain Network, we shall be using BurgerSwap for the conversion. So first things first visit the website here and connect your meta-mask wallet.


After connecting your wallet, on the left menu on the screen under “Bridge”- Click and select “bToken Bridge” to create crosschain assets under ERC20 — BEP 20. Be sure to reference the screenshots below for proper guidance.


Select and add GOGO tokens you want to convert. Under select token, you can paste the GOGO Finance contract code as below to add the GOGO Token: (0x9a96E767bFCcE8E80370BE00821ED5BA283D4A17)

Please see image below for reference:


Enter the amount of GOGO Tokens you want to convert. If this is your first time of using BurgerSwap with your wallet, then make sure to click on Approve first and then wait for sometime. After approval you can click on Create Crosschain Assets to start the conversion process.

When you click on Create Crosschain Assets, you should see a screen as shown below:


When you see the screen below, make sure to select “confirm” so you can proceed to the next steps


After completing the steps above, make sure to change your metamask wallet network from Ethereum to Binance Network inorder to receive your tokens.


While still under the Binance Smart Chain Network in your meta-mask wallet, inorder to see your new bGOGO tokens, you will need to add it as a new token with a new contract code. To do this, click on “Add New Tokens” —

Under Custom Tokens, paste the new bGOGO contract address as below:


After wards, you should see the newly converted tokens in your wallet!

Congratulations You Have Just Completed The Conversion of Your GOGO Tokens!

Next Steps:

Get ready and be prepared to start staking your tokens. Farming will also be available on the new platform amongst other several features too. Please stay tuned for official announcements!

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. The GOGO Finance team will make best efforts to create a highly valuable environment and great product, but will not be responsible for your trading losses. We advise you always do your own research and note that this project is experimental and as such no one will be responsible for any loss of investment. Only invest money you can afford to loose. The industry is volatile and like with every other cryptocurrency project, it comes with its own risk. Thank you.

In the mean time you can:

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