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Hello everyone and welcome back from the holidays! Was there really an holiday? Because it appears the crypto space never sleeps or takes any days off! *smiles*

Its been an amazing bull run so far and the industry once again has proven to us how robust and endless the possibilities are. In-case you missed it we published an article on our predictions and what to expect from 2021. Be sure to check it out later here and if you are new here and join joining us, GOGO Finance is a new and innovative project built on the Ethereum blockchain that combines the power of DeFi & Lottery together on one ecosystem thereby maximizing returns & yields for token holders and also providing the option to earn from multiple streams. You can read more about the ecosystem here.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. The GOGO Finance team will make best efforts to create a highly valuable environment and great product, but will not be responsible for your trading losses. We advise you always do your own research and note that this project is experimental and as such no one will be responsible for any loss of investment. Only invest money you can afford to loose. The industry is volatile and like with every other cryptocurrency project, it comes with its own risk. Thank you.

What To Expect In The Next 5-Days

Much as there is an historic bull run as at the time of writing this article, we encourage all new-comers especially to ask questions if there is any thing they don’t understand or would like to clarify so please make sure to join our telegram community here.

In the next 5-days we shall be achieving the following key milestones:

  1. The website will be completed and published live on
  2. Details of the GOGO Finance Presales will be published
  3. Official Round 1 Phase of the GOGO Finance Tokens will start.

Below are some Tokenomics and key notes to bear in mind:

Total Circulating Supply — 2,650

As part of our efforts to increase the chances of success for this experiment, we have followed a very basic demand and supply rule of economics that basically states that when the supply is low and the demand is high, the price is expected to shoot up and this is why the total supply of tokens is really low.

Total Tokens Allocated For Round 1 Presales –1000

Total Tokens Allocated For Round 2 Presales — 800

Team Tokens No Team Tokens

500 will be burnt after pre-sales & all unsold tokens will be burnt too so as to reduce total circulating supply.

Uniswap Listing — 24hrs After End of Presales

Uniswap Listing Price — x2 of Presale Price

Exchange Listing — 24hrs After Uniswap Listing

Exchange Listing Price — x5 of Presale Price

CoinGecko & Coinmarketcap — In Progress. Dedicated Team Working On It.

First Lottery Prize-Pool — February 14th — Valentines Day Special!

Get Yourself Locked In Now on the next biggest innovation in crypto!

PS: All prize rewards will be sent to connected wallet address. Rewards &prize value will also be dependent on total holders & participation of the pool.

GOGO Finance will be bringing DeFi + Lottery in one ecosystem. We will be sharing more details on the presales and how you can also participate.

In the mean time you can:

Don’t be left out and don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into the birth of another great and giant industry just waiting to explode.

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